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Volunteerism at Charter is a big part of what makes our school such a special place and we appreciate you! Thank you for all that you do. Please refer to the volunteer resources listed below:

Volunteering Opportunities

Find all of the volunteer opportunities: List of Opportunities

If you are interested in further opportunities, refer to this contact list:  Volunteer Contacts

Guidelines & Verification

Volunteer guidelines: View our Volunteering Guidelines 

In order to volunteer on campus, there are 4 items that need to be submitted on SchoolMint:

  • Negative TB Assessment
  • Copy of your Driver’s License or ID
  • Signed Emergency Health Form,
  • Signed Volunteer Agreement

Hardcopies can be found on SchoolMint or in the office.

Logging Hours

Hours can logged through signup.com: http://signup.com/go/LuFveQX

Not all volunteer jobs and hours can be posted on SignUp.com as a sign up. If you have volunteer hours that are not related to a specific sign up you can add them to your SignUp.com account. Examples are: GC, PRT leadership and Room Reps, Technology, Social, Seminar planning, etc… As in the past, if they are related to one job, you can lump all the hours spent on a specific job together and enter them on your account in Signup.com. To simplify this process for you, you will not be asked to enter dates and times.

Below are step by step directions on how to log your hours:

Click on the link to the Volunteer Hours Log – http://signup.com/go/LuFveQX

  1. Scroll to the Team or Category for which you volunteered and click on that
  2. Click on View
  3. Click on Sign up
  4. Follow the prompts
  5. The number of spots is equivalent to hours so please add how many hours you’ve worked for that one job.


If you have any questions, please contact Melissa May at mmay@scclc.net.