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Top Ways to Donate to SCC

1. Attend the Chili Cook Off. The Chili Cook-off is our main fundraiser for the school year. It takes place on Friday, October 10 at the Twin Pines Community Center in Belmont.

2. Donate to the San Carlos Educational Foundation (SCEF)The funds raised through the district-wide efforts of SCEF help us pay for Spanish, physical education, technology, numeracy support, professional development, and arts electives.

3. Donate to the San Carlos Charter Fundraising Association (SCCFA). All donations are tax deductible! Our tax-ID # is 90-012-0643. Our target this year is $100,000.

4. Attend SCEF’s Spring Gala. The Spring Gala is SCEF’s major annual fundraiser.

5. Request matching gifts from your employer. Many companies will match donations to both SCCFA and SCEF. To view a list of major Bay Area companies that have matching gift programs, please click here. If your company is not on this list, please check with your human resources department.

6. Make online purchases with retailers that give a back to SCC. Register your credit and debit cards with eScrip. Order online from Amazon and Office Depot. Purchase SCC logo items at Cafe Press. Collect Box Tops for Education. Upload and share classroom and field trip photos through SmugMug.

7. Encourage your friends and family to donate. 

8. Volunteer Your Time. Both SCEF and SCCFA are volunteer-run organizations that need your time and talents!