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Parent Resource Team

SCC’s Parent Resource Team’s (PRT) goal is to foster a collaborative and supportive community through various school and social activities designed to engage parents, educators and learners.

PRT Activities Include:

  • Community-wide social events
  • Classroom events/Room Reps (e.g. class parties, educator birthday/gifts, educator classroom support, etc.)
  • Welcome Breakfast
  • Back to School Night Educator Meals
  • New Family Cocktail Reception
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheon
  • Graduating Families Celebration
  • Classroom and Social Events Fundraising

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Collaboration with San Carlos School District

Additionally, PRT strives to enhance communication opportunities across the community at SCC and within the school district to connect and engage parents of key initiatives happening that impact our school.

Activities Include:

  • SCEF Rep and Support
  • Representation at PTACC (PTA Coordinating Council)
  • Quarterly ALL HANDS PRT Meetings
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Special Projects Task Forces (e.g. Traffic & Safety; Campus planning & Support
  • SCC Board Communication and Support


Please contact the PRT Leadership team with any questions, suggestions, feedback or ideas at: prt@scclc.net) We look forward to hearing from you!