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Mail Lists

Charter Community – the “big one” Join Community
Charter Administration – Read Only Join Administration
Charter Exchange – Marketplace Join Exchange
PRT – Parent Resource Team scclc-prt
Tech Team scclc-tech
Math Club scclc-mathclub
K1-Room 9, Reidy Join Room 9
K1-Room 11, Burtis/Taxay Join Room 11
K1-Room 8, Bond Join Room 8
K1-Room 10, McPeek/Bradley Join Room 10
2-Room 27, Chappell Join Room 27
2-Room 28, Hohler Join Room 28
34-Room 23, Borkovec Join Room 23
34-Room 24, Passeggi/Beller Join Room 24
34-Room 25, Branz Join Room 25
34-Room 26, Petersen/Bertolina Join Room 26
scclc-5-6-families Join 5-6
 scclc-7-8-families Join 7-8


All of the lists are email lists that are hosted on Google groups. These groups are all restricted in order to protect learner info from being available on the general internet. You do not need a google account to participate on a list, though things will flow more smoothly if you have one.

If you find that you need to join a group, read this short Google Help article on how to join a group. Typically, you will want to follow the instructions for an email-only signup.

For example, if you were john.smith@yahoo.com and you wanted to be on the main charter community list, you would do as follows. From your john.smith@yahoo.com email account, you would send an email to: scclc-community+subscribe@googlegroups.com.  This will trigger a request to join.  It will be moderated by the owners of the list, and you will then receive an email inviting you to subscribe.  Please be looking for email from “noreply@googlegroups.com”.

To post to a group, you must be a member first. Just send an email (from the email you subscribed with), to the group name at googlegroups.com. For example to post to the main charter list, just email: scclc-community@temp.scclc.net

If you have any questions or if something isn’t working right, we can take steps to add or remove you from any list. Just email the Office Manager with:

  • the lists you want to be on
  • the email you want to use for these lists
  • your learners and what classes they are in