(650) 508-7343 750 Dartmouth Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070

Enrollment for the new school year will begin in January!  Please refer to the freshly updated Enrollment Calendar and Process pages for information on how to apply to SCC.

San Carlos Charter is a K-8 school serving students of San Carlos and the Peninsula just south of San Francisco. We are a progressive school that emphasizes project-based learning and thematic units. Our students score near the top on statewide assessment tests.

San Carlos Charter is the oldest charter school in California and one of the oldest operating charter schools in the United States. Over the last 20 years, SCC has been a leader in progressive education. We believe that fostering a nurturing and supportive community supports our students as they develop into considerate, thoughtful, ethical, and engaged citizens.


Objection to Learner’s Confidential Information

The California Department of Education (CDE) is currently involved in a lawsuit in which the court ordered CDE to produce confidential student information related to all students who have attended a California school since January 1, 2008. [Read More]