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Enrollment Policy

San Carlos Charter (SCC) is a public school with limited enrollment. Students are placed according to space availability and by lottery into grades Kindergarten through Seven (7). Application for admission to San Carlos Charter shall be open to any resident in the state of California. Pupils will be considered for admission without regard to ethnicity, national origin, gender, family structure, or disability.

Held early each Spring, the SCC enrollment process includes an orientation, open house, application and lottery. Applications for Kindergarten enrollment are not accepted prior to Spring of the calendar year that the child is to enroll in Kindergarten.


Enrollment Process

Step 1: Attend an orientation meeting

Step 2: Attend an Open House

Step 3: Complete and submit an application by the published deadline. An application includes a signed application form, which includes acknowledgement of receipt and acceptance of the Family Participation Guidelines.

All applying learners must have completed all three of the steps above to be considered for the lottery. Applicants missing one step may be allowed into the lottery at the discretion of the Executive Director. Applicants missing two or more steps will not be included in the SCC lottery.

Placements and wait lists will be determined beginning with Kindergarten, and then the lottery will determine new application ranking to be added to existing wait lists through grade 7. Available spaces are allocated by randomized lottery according to the following priorities:

  1. Children of current SCC staff (1)
  2. Siblings of current SCC learners
  3. Children returning from a pre-approved Leave of Absence (2)
  4. Children who reside in the San Carlos School District (see Residency Requirements below)
  5. Children who reside outside of the San Carlos School District

Applications received after the lottery will be placed at the bottom of their respective wait list. No applications will be accepted after November 1st of the current school year.

(1) Staff category may also contain learners designated under the Material Contributors Preference, section 1(a), by current staff members who are and have been employed at 50% or greater FTE with SCC for 10 or more consecutive years.

(2) If a family with a learner or learners at the SCC leaves the SCC adhering to the conditions below, their learner(s) and their siblings will be placed on the wait list upon notifying SCC of their intention to return. The intent of this policy is to allow families who need to temporarily relocate an enhanced opportunity to come back to the SCC at the end of their absence. The conditions are as follows:

a) Family leaves for no more than one calendar year

b) Family must ask for “returning preference” before they leave and receive confirmation

c) Family must be moving out of the nine Bay Area counties for this interim time period

Exceptions to conditions a. and c. can be made if, through the IEP (Individual Education Plan) process, it is determined by Learner Services that the learner would benefit from placement in another school for a determined period of time. When and if the IEP process determines re-enrollment at SCC is recommended, then the learner would be placed on the waiting list as per the steps above.


Notification and Acceptance

The lottery occurs on a specific date each calendar year. Refer to enrollment dates on the SCC website enrollment calendar. Placements will be determined beginning with Kindergarten, and then the lottery will determine new application ranking to be added to existing wait lists through grade 7. Successful applicants will be notified by email or telephone within three business days that they are being offered a placement at SCC.

Following this notification, families must respond within three (3) business days. For learners entering grade 2 and above the parents may request an observation or opportunity for the learner to visit the school. This observation will be set to occur within five (5) regular school days. After the observation has been completed families must deliver, in writing, their acceptance of the placement within two (2) business days. If acceptance is not received in writing by the deadline, the placement will be offered to another applicant.

Registration of the learner should be completed within five business days following acceptance of a placement.

Those families who file an application, but for whom we do not have space, are placed on a wait list, which is managed by the Executive Director. The wait list is divided into two sections: applicants from the San Carlos School District and applicants from outside the San Carlos School District. If an opening is created during the school year, those families will have the opportunity to enroll at the SCC based on their position on the wait list.

Once an offer has been declined, if a family chooses to reapply they may do so at any time during open enrollment.


Residency Requirements

A family must be able to prove residency or pending residency in the San Carlos district prior to March 1st of the upcoming school year to be placed on the San Carlos in-district lottery list. After the lottery has been completed, applicants wishing to apply to the in-district list must prove residency as of June 1st of the year of entry.

Residents of the San Carlos School District are defined as persons who reside within the boundaries of the District, or persons who are assigned transfers into the San Carlos School District from the Ravenswood City School District pursuant to the Tinsley Voluntary Transfer Program. A learner entering SCC from the in-district wait list is required to reside solely in the San Carlos (or Ravenswood) School District until enrollment is complete and the school year has begun.

It is the responsibility of San Carlos Charter to verify residency and ensure compliance with all enrollment policies. Any applicant found to be willfully in violation of residency requirements will have their application removed from all wait lists and will need to reapply during the next enrollment cycle.


Learners with Special Education Needs

San Carlos Charter is a public school within the San Carlos School District and will work together with the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) to ensure that a free and appropriate education is provided to all students with disabilities. SCC participates in state and federal funding in the same manner as other schools within the San Carlos School District. SCC and the SELPA will be responsible for ensuring that all children with disabilities enrolled in the SCC receive special education and designated instructional services implemented within the curriculum at SCC in a manner consistent with all applicable provisions of state and federal law.


[Revised and SCC Board Approved: 12/12/2018]