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SCC Enrollment Calendar

2021-2022 School Year


Enrollment Orientations will be held:

Saturday, 1/23/21 from 10:00 a.m-11:00 a.m

Tuesday, 2/2/21 from 7:00 p.m -8:00 p.m

This year, our enrollment orientations will be held on Zoom.  You can expect to learn about San Carlos Charter, why it is unique in the region, and the steps toward applying and enrollment.  SCC Educators, Administration, and learners will elaborate about the various aspects of our program, and there will be written information available that will go into more depth.   Please note, the Orientations are intended for parents only. 

To register for an orientation, or to receive any updated information regarding enrolling at SCC, please complete a family profile on SchoolMint OR fill out this Google form. (If you do both you will receive duplicate emails.) This is not a commitment to attend, just an expression of interest.  This will enable us to contact you with the link to our orientation meetings.

A site-based outdoor Open House may be available in January if the County health conditions support an outdoor tour.  We will have more information at the Orientation.

Applications will be due Friday, 2/5/21 by 4:00pm.
The enrollment lottery will take place on 2/12/21 at 9:00AM.  Lottery results will be posted on SchoolMint by 12 noon.

Please see further details about our enrollment process on the Enrollment Policy page. If you have any further questions you are welcome to contact us at 650-508-7343 or by emailing enrollment@scclc.net.

Please note: Families wishing to enroll at SCC via the Tinsley Program should contact the San Mateo County Office of Education.  More information can be found here.  We welcome applications from families who qualify for Tinsley Transfer.