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San Carlos Charter Curriculum

The curriculum at the San Carlos Charter is based on current research and best practices in learning: the constructivist theory, the theory of multiple intelligences, and the grouping of children into multi-age classes.  Each of these theoretical assumptions has a visible, practical impact on the curriculum at the SCC.  There is a conscious emphasis on technology, science, and the arts.  At the same time, there is a concerted effort to ensure a balanced curriculum by referencing curriculum elements to the California State Standards.  Finally, thanks to capable, dedicated, and talented volunteers, SCC has been able to provide learning opportunities to enrich its core curriculum.

SCC Staff has been working on developing curriculum maps in each of the core subject areas for the last few years. The goal of our curriculum mapping project is to create a thoughtful, articulated, cohesive, and documented K-8 curriculum and to improve transparency in the area of our curriculum.

Curriculum mapping is a process that begins with–but is not limited to–documenting our taught curriculum. This map serves as the jumping off point from which we develop, analyze and align our curriculum. The process of mapping requires us to reflect on our practice: Are we doing what we say we are doing and are our learners understanding what we want them to? These maps provide the basis for our decisions about curriculum and instruction.

The primary purpose of these maps are to provide a tool for SCC educators to talk about curriculum and instruction. As such, the maps will always be a work in progress. However, we can also use them to provide some transparency into our curriculum for our parents so they can get a better sense of what we teach and why and when we teach it.

To browse our maps to date, please go to: http://scclc-public.rubiconatlas.org/