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Contact Information

Email is the preferred method of contacting faculty and staff at San Carlos Charter. To email a faculty or staff member, please use the first letter of the person’s first name and their last name and use the ending @scclc.net. For example, John Public’s email address would be jpublic@scclc.net. Please find additional information about each person listed below.

750 Dartmouth Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070
Office: (650) 508-7343
Fax: (650) 508-7341


Jennifer Pellegrine, Executive Director, Office
Stacy Emory, Director on Special Assignment
Korah Guilar, Director of Learner Services and Assistant Director, Office, 6901
Jessika Welcome, Director of Business Services, Office, 6903
Charlene Nelson, HR/Payroll Administrator, Office, 6904
Desi Smith, Co-Director of Educare, 303, 6302
Gwynne Rinker, Data and Operations Coordinator, Office, 6906
Miriam Peirano – Office Manager, 301
Liz Foster Sloan, Volunteer Coordinator, Office


Elia Alvarez, 5-8 Spanish Educator, 221

Julie Andersson, Inclusion Specialist, 132

Tami Bell, Education Specialist, 132

Jamie Boissevain, K/1 Educator, 112

David Burgess, 5-8 Physical Education, 304

Lindsay Byrnes, 3/4 Educator, 223

Jessica Burtis-Linderman, K/1 Educator, 112

Rachel Cotton, Inclusion Support, 132

Inga Davis, 7/8 Educator, 201

Fran Dickinson, 5/6 Educator, 202

Darlene Fish Doto, 3/4 Educator, 222

Aarin Dutton, 2nd Educator, 101

Elena Farre, K-4 Spanish Educator, 221

Jamie Frankos, Speech and Language Therapist, 115

Allison Fraser, 3/4 Educator, 213

Benjamin Green, 5/6 Educator, 203

Christine Harris, School Psychologist, 125

Katherine Hayse, K/1 Educator, 111

Simmi Hejmadi, Education Specialist, 132

Erin Hohler, 2nd Educator, 102

Kimberly Holl, Literacy Specialist, 134

Gretchen Holland, Inclusion Support, 132

Emma Moore, Library Specialist, Library, 131

Katie Murphy, 5-8 Educator, 233

Elysha Passeggi, 5/6 Educator, 232

Madison Precht, Inclusion Support, 132

Anke Rademacher, 3/4 Educator, 212

Gina Reidy, K/1 Educator, 122

Aimee Rose-Marsh, Wellness Educator, 211

Debbi Seligman, 7/8 Educator, 231

Marty Smith, K-4 Physical Education, 304

Kim Strickland, K/1 Educator, 121

Nathan Sweatt, Educare, 303, 6302

Maria Thomas, Education Specialist, 211

Je’Nelle Wiley, Inclusion Support, 132