(650) 508-7343 750 Dartmouth Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070

Contact Information

Email is the preferred method of contacting faculty and staff at San Carlos Charter Learning Center.  To email a faculty or staff member, please use the first letter of the person’s first name and their last name and use the ending @scclc.net.  For example, John Public’s email address would be jpublic@scclc.net.  Please find additional information about each person listed below.

750 Dartmouth Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070
Office: (650) 508-7343      Fax: (650) 508-7341


Name Title Room Ext #
Stacy Emory School Director Office 6905
Karrie Amsler Director of Learner Services and Assistant Director Office 6901
Jessika Welcome Director of Business Services Office 6903
Charlene Nelson HR/Payroll Administrator Office 6904
Quinta Ekong Office Manager Office 6902
Fiona Wainwright Director of Educare BB 6107
Gwynne Rinker Data and Operations Coordinator Office 6907
Melissa May Volunteer Coordinator Office


Name Title Room
Ella Alvarez 5-8 Spanish Educator 22
Karrie Amsler 5/6 Educator 20
Lale Beller 3/4 Educator 24
Jamie Boissevain K/1 Educator 11
Irene Bond K/1 Educator 8
Courtney Borkovec 3/4 Educator 23
Katie Bradley K/1 Educator 10
Heidi Branz 3/4 Educator 25
David Burgess 7/8 Educator 18
Jessica Burtis-Linderman K/1 Educator 11
Alison Chappell 2nd Educator 27
Inga Davis 7/8 Educator 16
Fran Dickinson 5/6 Educator 21
Darlene Fish Doto 3/4 Educator 26
Carol Drace 7/8 Educator 17
Pamela Ehrlich 5/6 Support
Elena Farre K-4 Spanish Educator 22
Ginny Frisch Learning Specialist 7
Ben Green 5/6 Educator 19
Korah Guilar Inclusion and Intervention Specialist 23
Katie Hall Educare BB
Christine Harris 5-8 Physical Education Gym Annex
Erin Hohler 2nd Educator 28
Kimberly Holl Literacy Specialist E
Emily LePage-Wu School Psychologist 7
Jennifer Leydecker School Counselor 7
Colleen McPeek K/1 Educator 10
Emma Moore Library Media Specialist Library
Katie Murphy 5/6 Educator 20
Elysha Passeggi 3/4 Educator 24
Gina Reidy K/1 Educator 9
Bert Schroeder Resource Educator 7
Marty Smith K-4 Physical Education AA
Nathan Sweatt Educare BB