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About Us


Our Mission

San Carlos Charter (SCC) is a collaborative public K-8 independent charter school community that educates, nurtures and inspires learners to be independent thinkers as well as socially and personally responsible citizens. We pursue academic excellence guided by research, innovation and continuous review.

Our Philosophy

San Carlos Charter (SCC) uses an interdisciplinary curriculum within a project based learning environment rich with hands-on experiences.  SCC uses a thematic approach when planning curriculum.  Our staff works in teams to deliver an academic program that maximizes our learners’ ability to achieve our high academic standards.  The curriculum requires learners to use higher order thinking skills to solve problems and successfully complete projects.  Learners work in multi-age groupings with many opportunities for teamwork and study based on real-world resources like trade books, original source documents and choices in what and how they learn.


Our Vision


The San Carlos Charter (SCC) Vision Document was written in 1993, months before our first year of operation in 1994.  The vision is now in its third edition.  Even after all these years, we continue to remain true to the founding ideas.  SCC uses the ideas embodied in this document as a touchstone to guide decisions at every level of operation.  We engage in process of ongoing reflection through the lens of our Vision.