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Letter to the Community from the Director

Dear Community,

I am very excited to officially assume the role of Director of CLC. I want to express my sincere thanks to the Board of Directors for their thoughtful, decision-making process and for selecting me for this leadership role.  I look forward to continuing our collaborative work on the long-term success of CLC. I also want to thank staff and the community for the outpouring of support and confidence that they have shown me during this process. I honestly don’t have the words to express the depth of my gratitude.

I am excited because this is a dynamic time in CLC’s evolution as we are in the midst of a significant sea change in public education, both pedagogically and financially.  We are experiencing substantive movement–locally and nationally–towards curricular and instructional practices that support the way we view learning and educating. I feel like internal and external factors are aligning such that we are better prepared than ever before to break new ground!

We have an amazing, cohesive, highly educated and experienced staff that is aligned with our vision and mission. They all embrace the collaborative mindset and are inspired to reflect and try new things.  My job is to ensure that they have the support and resources needed to innovate and develop their practice and curriculum.  We are all committed to providing more parent education around our educational philosophy, practices, and outcomes–something we know is an important part of our community engagement.

We will continue to design our curriculum and instruction towards the outcomes in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  We have funds available for professional development and other resources that will help us fully implement these new standards. Educators will continue their work critically reviewing and mapping our curriculum.  We are looking forward to rolling out the parent module of our curriculum map early next year.

In terms of resources, there is finally some good news on the state budget front. The new funding model for California public education (Local Control Funding Formula or LCFF) is a much simpler system (well, relative to traditional public school funding, anyway). With these funds comes greater local accountability for the way that districts and schools spend the money to support all learners.  One of my immediate tasks is to engage staff and community in crafting a plan that articulates the goals and actions we plan on taking.  Next year’s budget will be developed so funds are aligned to support these goals.

Finally, on a personal note, I am deeply honored to be part of a community that has the learners at its heart, who are surrounded and supported by an amazing staff and parent community.  I never for one moment thought that when I was hired 20 years ago, I would end up as Director of this school.  I continue to be challenged, inspired, and engaged by my responsibilities here at CLC.  I am awed by, and deeply grateful to, the community for everything you give and do to make this school such an amazing place to learn and grow.

My warmest regards,

Stacy Giles Emory, Director, San Carlos Charter Learning Center

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