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Washington Post Compares Two Charter School Studies from Stanford

Thanks to a CLC Board Member, I was made aware of an interesting article in today’s Washington Post that analyzed two reports out of Stanford University that looked at the success of charter schools around the country.  In summary, both reports essentially contradicted each other and like most research in the field of Education, we are left with a huge question mark as to which report to believe.  I urge everyone to read this article as there are links to the actual research the people can review for themselves. 

For CLC, the importance of this article is that it again states how much money there is available for charter schools.  We are in an unprecedented time in charter school history with regard to the how much grant money we have access to.  Unfortunately, we are unable to apply for this money as we are considered a dependent charter of the school district.  I think for our community, this is an important issue that we should start talking about.


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