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Proposed Boundary Changes to San Carlos School District

November 24, 2009


It looks like the SCSD is proposing to change boundaries for district schools within San Carlos.  Here are the proposed changes within the specific neighborhoods:

  • Between Howard St. and Brittan Ave and between Cedar and El Camino would move from White Oaks to Brittan Acres
  • The east side, north of Bransten would move from Brittan Acres Schools to Arundel School
  • The canyon area west of Devonshire/Exeter/Madera would move from Arundel to Heather

The purpose of this change (see attached Boundary Map) is to create greater balance in terms of school enrollment numbers and maximize the current space available within the San Carlos School District.  What is interesting is that San Carlos is pretty much an “all charter” school district.  All of the schools that are charter schools (other than CLC), are what is called “Conversion Charters”.  As conversion charters, those schools are still required to keep their original neighborhoods as the “first preference” for that particular school.  In order for this change to happen, the San Carlos School District will need a get a waiver from the State of California.  Given the current enrollment crunch in certain schools, this plan is a very good idea for SCSD.  As a SCSD community member, I certainly support it.

Also, speaking as a resident in one of the affected neighborhoods noted above,  I am not at all concerned with the redistricting.  Each of the district schools are great options for our kids.  So, on that score, I am not worried at all.

The new Superintendent, Craig Baker, will be hosting a town hall meeting on Monday, November 30th at the San Carlos Library at 7:30 pm to answer questions and respond to any comments.  Please note that currently enrolled students in grades 3 and 4 will not be affected by this.

Please also note that current and future CLC families are NOT AFFECTED by this as we have a completely different enrollment policy.





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