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Web Task Force

What we do

The web task force is building a new web site for the CLC. Our goal is to have a site up for the start of the 2008/2009 school year, hopefully with the basics ready the first few days of August.

A number of factors are driving this process.

  • The communities needs and desires.
  • Lessons learned from the earliest CLC website to the current sharepoint web site. 
  • Available technology.
  • Additional constraint (pronounced “low cost”)

From these factors we have generated a list of requirements. We are currently ranking these into priority order. Broadly speaking they fall into several groups:

  • Those things we want quickly, hopefully by the time we go live
  • Those things we really want, either extending the initially available functions, or new features, but recognize we can’t do straight off.
  • Nice features that we think are doable – given existing technology and the resources to implement them.
  • More nice stuff that we’d like to have but that we are unsure if we have the technology or resources to implement.


We are currently putting together a prototype website, www.scclc-test.net. We are using this site to evaluate technology and possible site designs.

Who we are

Stacy Emory: fearless leader and people management.

Peter Smith: technical lead and future community member (some folks can’t wait to jump in and help).

Patricia Dwyer, Dru Nelson, Hemant More, Mike Takamoto, Lee Schumacher, giuliano carlini, Steve Andriella, Liz Moore, Cheryl Dutton, Laura Majerus, Chris Mahoney. There are probably others I’ve forgotten. Let someone with publishing rights know and we’ll add you to this list.


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