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Fundraising for a public charter school like San Carlos Charter Learning Center is important for our long-term sustainability and growth.  At CLC, California state funding covers simple operating costs, including salaries, utilities and supplies – enough to maintain the status quo.  It does not, however, cover all the important educator training or staff development, or classroom enrichment materials, or funds to enhance our music, language and art programs or to buy playground equipment or to enhance our library program.  Neither does it cover our technology needs, nor include money for an operational reserve to ensure financial stability for the school.  Fundraising efforts throughout the year must cover these and other projects that allow us to provide enrichment experiences for our learners, and to improve and grow as a school.  In this day and age as a publicly funded charter school, fundraising is a necessity to provide the quality educational program that all of our children deserve.   It is important that we seek to raise funds for essential services at different levels.


Ways To Give At CLC

The School Level

We have have both a long-term development plan as well as a short-term comprehensive fundraising effort.   The longer term approach involves developing contacts and funding sources to help us accomplish our vision through innovative and cutting edge educational practices. Additionally, we work to support special programs, equipment, and professional development through grant monies.  There are ongoing efforts to identify granting agencies that match our programmatic needs.

The goal of annual school-wide fundraising efforts is to raise the necessary funds to cover gaps between state funding and to help with the immediate needs within our educational program.  We have a combination of both on-site community building events as well as school-wide fundraisers which are predominantly web-based ventures.  These include:

  • E-Scrip:  We strongly encourage all families to register for e-scrip. You can sign up with specific stores (e.g., Safeway) or register a credit or debit card so a percentage of all purchases on that card (with participating merchants) will go directly to the SCCLC.  To sign up go to: http://www.escrip.com
  • Sall Foster Gift Wrap
  • Taget Stores
  • Amazon (and other merchant) portal:  When shopping on Amazon, use the portal or link on our home page.  When you access Amazon (and the many other merchants that can be accessed through Amazon) a percentage of the sale is returned to the SCCLC in the form of a commission.
  • Logo merchandise online: We have an online logo merchandise store, Café Press, that can be accessed from our website or by going to: http://www.cafepress.com/scclc


The District Level

San Carlos Educational Foundation (SCEF) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization of parents. SCEF represents all seven schools in the San Carlos School District. The SCEF’s primary goal is to raise funds on a community-wide basis.  SCCLC benefits when you donate directly to SCEF and participate in the district-wide fundraiser, called Spring Fling.  A precentage of the money raised by the SCEF and Spring Fling goes into CLC’s general operating budget and is used to support salaries and programs that are targeted each year by SCEF.  SCEF tries to allow for school flexibility and choice with respect to how these funds are spent.

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