San Carlos Charter Learning Center
The Longest Running Charter School in America
750 Dartmouth Ave., San Carlos, CA 94070 voice: 650-508-7343 fax: 650-508-7341

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San Carlos CLC History


The San Carlos Charter Learning Center (CLC) was granted state charter number #001 in February 1993 by the State of California.  CLC is the oldest charter school in California and one of the oldest charter schools in the United States.  The school was created by a dedicated group of community members and educators.  The school opened its doors with eighty-five learners in 1994 and now maintains a steady population of 260 children.  CLC is a school of choice open to learners in the San Francisco Bay area. 

Our innovative school has been featured in newspaper articles, television segments and received national attention from both national and international visitors.  In September 1997, President Clinton toured CLC applauding the academic accomplishments and community involvement.  We have grown from a small start-up California Charter School, to being one of the academically strongest schools in the state of California.  The hard work and dedication of the educators, learners, parents and community have created a dynamic school of which the San Carlos community is proud.   

In our role as a research and development site, we have successfully undertaken many projects that relate to educational reform.  Our research programs experiment with learning systems and implementing ideas from leading edge research on how children learn.  CLC uses a resource-based curriculum, using primary resources and hands-on projects whenever possible, rather than textbooks used in a more traditional academic setting.  Over half of our staff has been trained in Schools Attuned—a differentiated learning program. 

In 2013, the entire CLC community is excited to be celebrating its 20th year.  As one of the oldest charter schools in the country, CLC continues to be one of the leaders not only within both the state and national charter school communities, but also as a leader for progressive elementary education for children and adolescents. 

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