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Home Fundraising Wild Wild West Chili Cook-Off

CLC Wild Wild West Chili Cook Off


What is the Wild Wild West Chili Cook Off?

It is the ONLY major fundraiser our school has for the entire year.  All the money we raise at the Chili Cook Off goes directly to Charter Learning Center for our project-based learning programs, such as class supplies, cooking, garden maintenance, FAB, Music for Minors, Field Trip Scholarships, and General Support of the Operating Budget.

Our goal is to raise $100,000.  The suggested donation is $300 per learner.

When and Where does it take place?
Last year's Cook Off happened on Friday Oct 4th 2013 at Twin Pines Community Center in Belmont. Next year's date hasn't been finalized yet.

How exactly does the fundraising work with the Chili Cook Off?

Each grade level is represented by a chili made by a Chili Cooking Team of parents from that grade level, the staff represents a chili, and the director has a chili. There are several separate vegetarian chili entries.    There could be up to 12 chilies to taste.

The chili is judged 2 ways - by taste and popularity.

The taste judging happens the night of the Chili Cook Off with the judges from the community.

The popularity judging is where the money is raised.  The most popular chili is determined by the chili that gets the most votes.  You vote for your favorite chili with your dollars.

The group with the chili that gets the most votes (i.e dollars donated), will get a root beer float party.

Is it all about Chili?

Generally yes. But there is other food besides chili, and other activities than just eating chili.   You can enjoy the homemade apple and pumpkin pies that are entered in the pie contest.  There are hot dogs from the grill outside in the meadow.  Enjoy wine or beer at the saloon. Kids can enjoy rootbeer and lemonade.  There will be organized games for the kids in the meadow and glitter tattoos as well as storytelling under the stars.

In the dining hall where the chili is served, there will be corn bread and salad for everyone to enjoy along with the chili.  Besides pie, there will also be brownies, cookies and other desserts.

Is there a fee to come?  How much is the food?

There is no admission fee to come to the Chili Cook Off.  There is no charge for the food.  There is suggested donation for beer and wine ($5 each or 5 tickets for $20) and glitter tattoos ($5/tattoo).

I am new to Charter and don’t really know anyone.

It is a great community building event with something for the entire family.  Volunteering to do a job and working side by side with other community members is a great way to meet new friends.

How can I help?

We need YOUR help to make this event successful.  We need you to vote (by donating money) when the voting begins.  We need you to bring side dishes to serve with the chili or volunteer to do a job at the Chili Cook Off.  Earn volunteer hours! Look for the sign up requests on the Charter mail list.

What do I wear?

The Wild Wild West Chili Cook Off is a Western themed event, so we encourage you to dust off your boots and put on a cowboy hat.  It is a rootin’ tootin’ fun event where you can have some good vittles, chew the fat with old friends, make some new friends, and support CLC.

Have a question or need more info?

You can email the Chili Cook Off team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



We're looking for Chili Cooker Teams to represent their grade level and individual pie bakers to rustle up their best chow and vie for braggin' rights at the Wild Wild West Chili Cook Off.

Chili Cooker Teams

Partner up with other chili cookers from your grade level to make a whole heapin' lot of chili.

Vegetarian Chili

We will also have a Vegetarian Chili category.  This is an independent category and does not represent a grade level or group.  You can make this on your own or team up with others.  The vegetarian chili entries will follow the same rules as the Chili Contest Rules, just omitting the meat.

Pie Bakers

We have 2 categories - pumpkin and apple.  Up to 6 pie entries will be accepted in each pie category.


Rules and Guidelines for Chili Cookers and Pie Bakers are attached below.

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Rules - Pie Contest Rules and Guidelines 2013.doc 29 Kb06/09/13 11:32
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