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Update on CLC Location

Dear Community,

Last night at the San Carlos School Board meeting (*), the Trustees decided that the new CLC campus will be located on the upper part of the Tierra Linda property.  When viewed both from a fiscal perspective, as well as what would provide CLC with the best sense of place, the School Board concluded that our future campus would be built on the area currently occupied by the softball field, Edison Montessori, and the District preschool classrooms.  This is well aligned with the position we expressed to the School Board last month, and we again thank the District and Trustees for the level of collaboration and support they have shown towards CLC throughout this process.

The District’s new 4/5 grade Bridge school will occupy the finger buildings where CLC is currently located.  These buildings will be retrofitted and renovated to accommodate this new district program.  The school district sent out a communication about the decision today and you can read that here.

There remains, of course, much work to do next.  The timeline for site preparation and construction of our new campus is currently being finalized by the District.  Also, the School Board gave direction to the Superintendent to begin working with the leadership at Edison Montessori to determine where that school will be located.  Finally, the exact details of our own role in the new CLC construction project is being discussed, and as that is clarified we are anticipating an exciting process of designing and building the future CLC campus to meet the needs of our educational program.

We will be updating the community on a regular basis as we begin the process of planning and building our new campus.  Please let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to give you timely and accurate information.


Stacy Giles Emory, School Director


Matt Kowitt, CLC Board Chair

(*): scroll to 42:40 for the start of the discussion of CLC and the TL property.

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